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Is Your Water Ruining Your Hair?

Posted by Bogar on October 19th, 2012, under Blog, Hair, Products, Services

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Have you ever tried coloring your hair but it simply refused to go the color you wanted? Or have you ever achieved the perfect hair color from the salon, but once you’ve washed it, the color doesn’t look the same?

Chances are the water quality has something to do with it.

You’ve likely heard the terms Soft Water and Hard Water before, but may not know what it actually means and how it can affect your hair.  Water analysis is based on the mineral levels in the water: like calcium, magnesium, iron and copper.  Practically a Flintstone vitamin! The higher the levels of these minerals, the harder the water is.

In our region we have well water, so the water is fairly hard. Not only does this have an effect on color, but it also affects the hair itself in the following ways:

  • Straight hair = dry hair, lacks shine.
  • Curly hair = dry, brittle hair, frizz, lacks shine.
  • Colored hair = colors must be re-formulated. Reds, darks and lights can’t penetrate and oxidize faster, causing fading in weeks or even days.
  • Blondes/Highlights = Highlights begin to fade in days, constant breakage problems occur, and the hair has no shine.
  • Perms = Hair is very resistant to perm service, hair feels dry after perm, and perm does not last months.
  • Straighteners/Relaxers = After first shampooing, curls re-appear, frizz returns, and hair begins feeling dry.
  • Scalp/Skin = More severe scalp and skin problems such as dandruff, eczema, rosacea, and extreme dry skin
  • Hair Loss = Clients prone to hair loss will lose more hair faster with less replacement of hair, since hair cannot get through the wall of minerals.


Not to worry. You don’t have to leave town or load up on bottles of Evian! There are several things you can do to fight water with fire.

Clarifying treatments are a great way to help remove mineral build up.  We have an in-salon treatment that produces great results.  The mixture is applied to hair and then left under heat for 30 minutes. This treatment is recommended before having your hair colored to ensure you get the color you intended.

There are also some great clarifying shampoos that you can purchase at our salon. A product we like is Malibu’s Hard Water Wellness Kit. It draws out those pesky minerals and rejuvenates fragile hair

And, if you want to take your hair care up an extra notch, you can always buy a shower filter or water purification system.

With the right products and knowledge about how to handle well water, you can show those minerals who’s boss!

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