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Let’s Talk About Nail Service Breakdowns

Posted by Vanessa Guerin on April 4th, 2014, under Nails

Nail Service Breakdowns

Has this ever happened to you? You just got a new set of gel polish or acrylic nails and, before you know it, the nail product is lifting or peeling off? Unfortunately, this isn’t often caused by technician error but mostly because of environmental factors. I thought that I would take this opportunity to go over some tips on extending the life of your manicure.

Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil is a product additive used in many lotions, skin care products, SPF and some hair products. It is by definition a liquid byproduct of Petroleum.

Mineral Oil is the number one cause of nail service break down. On it’s own Mineral Oil is not a “bad” thing but it will cause lifting and peeling of nail enhancements.

Mineral Oil is listed by many names so it’s not always easy, as the consumer, to figure out if your product has it in its ingredients. It’s always important though to check the listed ingredients, and, if you have any questions to bring them up to your technician.

Since mineral oil is in so many lotions and products I will suggest to my clients to wash their nails off after using any product that contains mineral oil. It is important not to let any of these products to rest on the nail. Otherwise if you like your lotion and it has mineral oil then still use it just be careful.We do have a list available of the many names mineral oil goes by.

If you do notice your gel polish or acrylic enhancement lifting you should notify your nail tech, to not only repair the issue but, to also trouble shoot what could be causing the problem.

Nail Enhancement Lifting/Peeling

First off it is important to repair lifting because, if water gets trapped under the lifted product, molds and infections can form. Never glue down the nail enhancement! This is another recipe for disaster because of the chance of moisture being trapped.

Although I understand it is tempting, please do not pick off or remove the rest of your nail enhancement by yourself. By picking off the nail product, you are removing several layers of nail plate causing it to be weakened and brittle.


As a mom I completely understand looking at a sink full of dishes and completely forgetting about putting gloves on to wash them. But excessive water can ruin your manicure, whether it be gel polish or traditional polish.

Water will cause your nail to essentially bloat and lose it’s natural c-curve. if you know your going to be in water for an extended time or will be using cleaning products try your best to put on some gloves. Also it’s always best to wear gloves while gardening!

Cuticle Oil

If you’re one of my clients you know that I love the Solar oil brand of cuticle oil, and, swear by it’s effectiveness. I have many clients that have seen a huge improvement in the condition of their nails, cuticles, and the longevity of their manicures or pedicures.

Cuticle oil should be applied at least twice a day. With or without any kind of nail enhancement, CND Solar Oil is wonderfully conditioning for your nails and cuticles.

Nails Are Not Tools

I learned a clever saying in school “Nails are jewels, not tools.” As tempting as it is sometimes, it’s best to not try opening things (i.e: soda cans) with your nails. It’s also best to not pick at things like stickers on the bottom of your new shoes.


Nail enhancements require some maintenance, you should be booking appointments every 2-4 weeks depending on your nails. If you decide you are done having your nail enhancement we suggest booking an appointment for removal. Although removing the enhancement is something you could potentially do at home, it truly is best to let a professional do it at least the first time. This way we can show you how to do it best without causing damage to your nail.

Unfortunately “home removal,” can take up to a half hour and you will need to have patience. In the salon, done by a professional, removal can take less than 15 minutes.

I hope you will find this post helpful the next time you notice service break down and as always feel free to visit us in the nail department. We would love to answer any questions you may have!

Travel Hair Tips from the Oribe Team: Look Perfect From Takeoff to Touchdown

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Oribe Salon Bogar

Find all the tips you’ll next to be looking fabulous the next time you travelĀ from the team at ORIBE!

New Years 2014 Special Offers

Posted by Bogar on December 27th, 2013, under Products, Promotions, Services

New Years Promo 2014

Is Shellac Different Than Gel Polish?

Posted by Vanessa Guerin on December 5th, 2013, under Nails

Gel Manicures | Salon Bogar
Not all gel polishes are created equal. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions regarding gel polish. In this post I hope to explain it all. 

What is Shellac?

One of the first questions I ask a new client is if they have had gel polish before. Often, the answer I receive is “No, I’ve only done Shellac.” Shellac, is, in fact is a gel polish. CND ( the makers if shellac) created what they call a “gel hybrid” which essentially is a gel polish mixed with lacquer. 

“Shellac” is a product name, not what gel polish or a gel manicure is called.

Kind of like how we call facial tissue Kleenex or cotton swabs Q-tips. This association is what CND is struggling with currently. The problem is Shellac is a great name! So because it’s so catchy clients began to refer to the gel manicure as having “Shellac” done regardless of if the gel being used on them was in fact the brand Shellac.
Many discount nail salons have taken advantage of this and say they are using Shellac. But, in actuality, they are really are using another type gel polish. To keep costs down these salons have even resorted to finding a knock off bottles. It has the Shellac name on it and sort of resembles the Shellac style bottle. Often only a professional would notice the difference.

Myth: All gel polishes are the same.

This is absolutely not the case. Professional gel polishes like CND Shellac, OPI Gelcolor and Essie gel are manufactured with your nails health in mind. They all promote continuing education on their products. These company’s work to constantly make their products last for their consumers.
There are, unfortunately, brands on the market designed to be inexpensive and consumer friendly. These are made basically to adhere to your nails. But, once you finally soak them off, you see how much dryer and damaged your nails are. They are made to be user friendly but hardly nail friendly.

“Gel polish never lasts on me.”

Well this one is tricky… Honestly I hear this all the time. It often comes down to application, removal and having an educated professional nail technician. During my consultations, my client is informed on what products to use and avoid. We also trouble shoot previous problems they may have had. Not everyone is compatible with every gel polish brand but there is always at least one that should work for your nails!

How long does the gel manicure last?

On average you should get 10-14 days out of your manicure. Most of our clients can get 3-4 weeks but this not a guarantee. Many factors play into the length of time you’ll get out of your manicure. The strength, length, and health of your nails can all play a roll in you manicures lasting power. Use of products not compatible with the gel manicure can cause peeling and lifting. If you work with your hands, constant impacts to the tip of the nail causes wearing, chipping, and breaking. This time of year, hand sanitizers are our biggest culprit in ruining your gel polish. There are ways to combat certain factors and we’d be happy to help with that.

I hope this helps answer any questions you may have had regarding the gel manicure. If not feel free to visit us in the nail department or send us a message! I’m always looking to write blogs on topics our clients are interested in.

Don’t Go It Alone-The Benefits of Getting Your Nails Done By a Pro

Posted by Bogar on December 1st, 2013, under Nails

Go with a nail pro at Salon Bogar

[New Product] Moroccan Oil Adds A Body Care Line!

Posted by Bogar on November 21st, 2013, under Products

Moroccan Oil Body - Salon Bogar

For you fans of the amazing aroma of Moroccan Oil, you can now be wearing the fragrance from head to toe!

Available in a moisturizing Body Souffle, Body Buff exfoliant, luxurious Hand Creme and Dry Body Oil.

Be sure to experience these newest additions to the Moroccan line the next time you visit us!