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Of course we have a Facebook Fan page!

Who doesn’t these days? But, we’ve designed ours to be a real “value-added” experience for you, our clients. It’s where we’ll put the ‘last-minute happenings’ that, prior to Facebook, had no home except as email clutter. Things like:

  • Extra-extra special’ last-minute Facebook-only appointment opportunities.
  • One-day “Facebook-only” product specials.
  • Helpful beauty-related ideas and information.
  • Time-sensitive discoveries of area ‘happenings.’
  • Funny musings and experiences we have and can share.
  • Fun photos, videos, and the usual fan page sillies that make Facebook the experience it is.
  • Late-breaking bits and pieces too small for a newsletter, or too late tomorrow … or, just because it’s fun.

Bogar News is fine for planned happenings, but always too late for the last-minute things that, prior to Facebook, had no home except as email clutter … and boy, do we hate email clutter.